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Our Instructor

Willie Wong has been teaching pencil, watercolor, acrylic, and oil painting for 20 years to students of all ages and all skill levels, but he excels at inspiring beginner artist with his easy to learn watercolor basics. Providing his students with his tried and true watercolor techniques, he walks each student through a piece of their choosing from start to finish. Most of his students are exceedingly pleased with their results, as they beam over their own little version of Willie’s signature watercolors.

While watercolor is his specialty, he has recently been experimenting in the bright and bold world of acrylic and his students couldn’t be having more fun right along side him. Willie will work with you in any medium and any subject matter… he’s nothing if not versatile.

Call 780-944-9497        or email 

Art Classes at Kamena Gallery

$30 Drop-in Session (3 Hours) Supplies Provided by Instructor
$20 Drop-in Session (3 Hours) Supplies Brought by Student
$450 Weekly Classes (1 Year) First Year Students
$300 Weekly Classes (1 Year) Returning Students

Day Classes:
10A-3P Tuesday
10A-3P Wednesday
10A-3P Thursday

Evening Classes:
7P-10P Monday
7P-10P Tuesday
7P-10P Thursday

Artist in Residence

$400 per day
Available to students grade 1 through 12
Minimum 1 school day
Supplies provided

Out of Town Workshops

$400 per day + mileage
Available to schools & organizations
Workshops run 10A – 4P
Supplies provided

Birthday & Office Parties

$30 per person
Supplies will be provided

Acrylic on 11×14 Canvas
$50 per person
Supplies will be provided